CoreWork® Fitness Pilates is an innovative training methodology that effectively combines muscle strength training with stretching and flexibility, distinguished by its dynamic and functional approach. Rooted in classic Pilates principles, it integrates dynamic elements for overall fitness improvement, made possible by our exclusive Megaformer equipment.

Il metodo

Full body  High intencity  Low impact

This high-intensity but low-impact full-body training method focuses on activating all muscle groups in just 50 minutes, ensuring visible results and overall fitness improvement.
With a particular focus on the muscles of the core, improves the stability and reduces the risk of injury.
Accessible to people of all levels of fitness, CoreWork® Fitness Pilates offers variations and intensity customizable, adapting to the experts who to the beginners.
Megaformer's exclusive technology used in the workouts provides advanced equipment designed for a complete training and versatile.
Oltre potenziare la forza e la flessibilità, partecipanti ottengono anche miglioramenti cardiovascolari, contribuendo il benessere fisico complessivo.

The megaformer

Megaformer machines are cutting-edge tools that surpass the limits of traditional Reformers, allowing for a wider range of movements and greater exercise intensity, thus ensuring consistent engagement of the core.

The stability of these machines during exercises maximizes the effectiveness of training and reduces the risk of injuries. The variety of movements on the megaformer adds challenge and fun, keeping motivation high and ensuring steady progress towards fitness goals.

CoreWork® Fitness Pilates, with its higher intensity and added focus on cardiovascular work and muscle endurance, offers a complete and stimulating experience that goes beyond traditional Pilates.

Megaformers are essential for a complete, intense, and effective workout.


Rapid and Visible Results: The unique combination of toning, cardio and stretching ensures rapid and visible results, improving fitness in a comprehensive and balanced way
Improved Overall Health and Wellness: Our holistic approach not only tones the body, but also improves circulation, posture and reduces stress, contributing to a better quality of life.
Stimulating and Supportive Environment: Our studio is more than a place to workout; it is a community where each member is supported in achieving their fitness and wellness goals.


Sessions offer a supportive environment and individualized attention through small groups similar to personal training sessions. 
This environment promotes the effective pursuit of wellness goals, whether beginners or experienced athletes. Instructors tailor the intensity of training to individual needs, ensuring that each participant can progress without worrying about program complexity or difficulty levels.
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